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Jyotish is one of the six limbs of the Veda. It is called the eye of the Veda. The word jyoti means ‘light.’ Jyotish means ‘relating to light,’ in the sense of the science that gives the complete knowledge of the nine planets, the twelve signs of the zodiac and the 27 lunar mansions (nakshatras). It informs about their positions, movements, and characteristics.

There are three main branches of jyotish:

1. Siddhanta
This is the purely mathematical calculation of the movement of the heavenly bodies, a science which among other things is the basis of a horoscope

2. Samhita
This is the prediction according to signs of the nature

3. Hora
This is the science of prediction by means of a horoscope. It takes into account the birth time of the native and predicts about his/her character, wealth, relatives, happiness, education, children, health, marital life, life span, spirituality, profession, business, gain, expenditure. The Hora gives information about auspicious and inauspicious times for every undertaking.

The main aim of propagating this pure knowledge of Jyotish is ”Heyam Dukham Anagatam”, which means to avoid the danger that has not yet occurred in individual, family, and national life, through Jyotish consultation and Yagya program.

There are different kinds of Jyotish consultations:

– Jyotish Predictions (full or part life),
– Yagya or Gem suggestions and
– Relationaship compatibility advice
other (see below)


The Jyotish Services

1.Whole-Life Prediction
This service covers all areas of life, such as health, wealth, relationship with siblings, happiness of material life, happiness of mother, education, children, education, disease, enemies, and debts, life partner, business, longevity, fortune, spirituality, professional area, gains, sources of income, expenses and enlightenment. It also covers the prediction on the future time periods of life, and the influence of the transit planets, along with specific Yagya and Gem recommendation.

2: Five-Year Prediction
The focus is on the prediction of the twelve houses and coming five-year time period which covers all the possible trends and tendencies regarding business, relationships, marriage and children, when to start any venture, when to be careful and if there is any problem then how to solve it by suitable Yagyas. The light is on the present transit of planets also, and their influence in life, and the positive and negative results with solution through Yagyas.

3:One-Year Prediction
The focus is on the prediction of the twelve houses and especially the service covers the prediction of a one-year time period in detail on three levels of Dasha system, which includes the major period of a planet, the sub period of a planet and sub–sub period of a planet, which is very minute observation for possible events in the coming year.

4: Compatibility
This service is for matching the horoscope for marriage and partnership business. This one of the most special services of Vedic Jyotish, and helps one to live a happy and harmonious conjugal life. If one wishes to live a happy married life, then the birth charts of the both partners – husband and wife- are compared on minute level that indicates if the support of nature is there or not, for peace, harmony, progress, fortune and children. The compatibility can be for personal business in partnership or to recruit employees in the company or to place them in management, financial area, security services, personal advisor, and as legal advisor also. Through this service you can know who is suitable, favorable and beneficial for the personal growth and for the growth of the company.

5: Muhurta
This service helps you to know the most auspicious time to start any venture in life. If one starts any undertaking in an auspicious time one will have a better chance to be successful. The auspicious time is fixed by correlating the horoscope of the native with the present transit of the planets. Important events that can be supported by an auspicious timing are marriage, starting a business, ground-breaking ceremony of a building, entering of a new house or a journey.

6: Rectification
To find out the correct birth time of horoscope: if one does not know the correct time of one’s birth, an expert Jyotishi can find it out. Some important dates of the native’s life, such as marriage, birth of children, education, journeys, health etc. are necessary for the rectification of the birth time. A minimum ten important events in life will be good for this purpose.

7: Prashna (Question)
To know your future and to get the answer on basis of asking on the time of question: If someone does not have any information about his/her birth time at all, he/she notes down the time when the desire to inquire into the matter comes up and informs the Jyotishi about it. Another method is to visit the Jyotishi who, by using the time of the native’s arrival can answer questions related to his/her life.

8: Namakarana
Giving of a Vedic name according to sound on the basis of birth star or Nakshtra to gain maximum support of nature. The name is of major importance for the whole life of a native because his/her qualities will be influenced by it. A Vedic name is given in accordance with the Janma Nakshatra of the native. You can get the name of a company, establishment, institute, organization, or for business purposes, to gain the support of nature for more success in business or in related areas.

9: Gem and Yagya Recommendation
The unique feature of Vedic jyotish is to avert the danger that has not yet come. If you have any weak planets in the chart the Jyotishi will provide you suitable Gem recommendations to strengthen the power of those planets which will support your life for progress, happiness and success in activity. According to your birth chart the suitable Yagyas are also recommended for immediate result to reduce the negativity in the related areas such as relationship, legal cases, health, finances and provide desired success in the related field. Yagyas also removes obstacles, hurdles, and difficulties in all areas of life and bring more nature support and fulfillment in life.

A full Jyotish consultation contains a whole life prediction, which will take 90-minutes. Of course, you can also just ask certain questions about your chart. The price for every consultation depends on the duration of the session. The consultations are held by phone.

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