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Dear Friends, Jai Guru Dev

Wishing good health wealth, happiness and enlightenment in life.

 In the next month coming 2 special ceremonies:

 1: The Pitri Paksha or Shradha means to perform the peace for the deposers Persons of 7 generation in family; it will start from Pitri Paksha 29. Sept – 14.Oct.2023 known as “ASWIN KRISHNA PAKSHA” to do Yagyas for departed persons of family.

2: Navratri – 9 days of mother divine15.-24. Oct.2023 for performance of special Yagyas to get good nature support and benefit achievement in personal, professional, spiritual, harmonious relationship in family life and excellent success in all areas of life. 

Pitri Shanti (Shradha) will start from 29. Sept then end will be 14. Oct 2023.

Wishing you all good health, wealth and happiness in life.

I would like to tell you the importance of the months Sept. / Oct. There are two important events
Shradha -Pitri Paksha 29. Sept – 14.Oct.2023 and Navratri mother divine 15.-24. Oct.2023 for performance of special Yagyas to get good nature support and benefit achievement in personal, professional, spiritual, harmonious relationship in family life & excellent success in all areas of life.

The Pitri Paksha or Shradha will start from Pitri Paksha 29. Sept. till 14. Oct 2023 known as “ASWINI KRISHNA PAKSHA” to do Yagyas for departed persons of family.

DONATION -100 to 1500 € for over come from the bad karma of your 7th generation and Pitri rina (debt of generation) and get blessing from them, A Cat.1500€ perform 15 days by 11 Pandits; B Cat. 1000€ by 11 Pandits 10 days; C Cat 500€ by 11 Pandits 5 days. 1 Tag is 108€

The significance of these days and performance of Yagyas during this period is explained below for your understanding and knowledge.

As we know we are always indebted to our parents who made us see this mundane and material life. The parents are equal to God. The mother is the first teacher. The significance and stature of mother is greater than the earth and significance and status of father is greater than sky.

Sometimes, there is unnatural death in the family or the desire of the deceased person is unfulfilled and incomplete then his soul comes and goes in this world and his soul does not rest in peace and it creates all types problems to their family members. It is really experienced in our general life.
The God has given us this Vedic Wisdom to know about all these things. Then this is our duty to guide the persons in society and perform these Yagyas. There will be peace and incredible positive changes in both ways for the departed soul, which rest in peace and in our individual life too.
In the Yagya order please give the name and date of death, your relatives.
You will be informed which day of the Yagya is performed.

Pandit Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sati

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n 15.-24. Oct 2023

 Vijaya Dashmi – Victory Day on 24th Oct.2023
The nine lunar days of Mother Divine bestow wealth, prosperity, health, longevity, knowledge, intelligence, enlightenment, and help to remove all kinds of obstacles from the path of success and fear, illnesses, and other negativity

While Navratri is celebrated as the victory of “Good over Evil”, the nine lunar days of Mother Divine are meant to awaken human awareness to the eternal continuum of infinite dynamism, which is the nature of Mother Divine. This infinite dynamism is the cause of creation and permeates every fiber of the relative world.

On 24th October:  Vijaya Dashami, ‘Victory Day’ brings the nine days of Mother Divine to a glorious conclusion. When the nine values of life — the five senses, mind, intellect, ego and the transcendental value; have been enlivened during the nine ‘Days of Mother Divine’, then on ‘Victory Day’, the tenth lunar day, the Wholeness of life evolves which is more than the nine aspects together,  more than the Relative and Absolute put together. 

This is a most auspicious time starting of Aswin Shukla Paksha NAVARATRA – the special 9 DAYS of MOTHER DIVINE. You can choose some YAGYAS according to your personal desire and need or you can ask PT DR. SATI for special YAGYA recommendation. These YAGYAS will provide good nature support to get success in all areas of life.

Please see the list of YAGYAS given below.


– DURGA PATH and POOJA will perform by one (1) PANDIT for your family for 9 days – for family happiness, success in activity and spiritual progress & getting blessing from mother DURGA, donation according to level of Yagyas per person.

1: General Durga Puja for general happiness performed by One (1) Pandit 9days the fee is 108 €

 2: Special Durga Path will be performed for general happiness, spiritual progress and harmony in family life by group of 11 Pandits per day, the fee is 150 €

3: Durga Path and special Puja for support in business activity, happiness of family by group of 11 Pandits 2 days , the fee is 216 €

 4: Durga Path with Samputh for family happiness, spiritual progress, peace of mind, will be performed by group of 11 Pandits 3 days, the fee is 350 €

5: Durga Path with special Puja and Samputh for removal of obstacles, negativities, overcoming fear and support in spiritual and material life etc. performed by group of 11 Pandits,5 days the fee is 550 €.
Mahamrityunjaya Yagya – A level for perfect health and overcoming sever illnesses and avoiding danger, performed by group of 11 Pandits for 9 days, the fee is 900 €
Durga Sat Chandi Path for overall progress, success in material life, family life, profession, support in business, removal of negativity and obstacles and spiritual evolution, will be performed by group of 11 pandits for 9 days, the fee is 1100 €.


Please, if someone is interested to perform the above mentioned Yagyas during ASWIN NAVRATRI and DURGA POOJA- the NINE DAYS of MOTHER DIVINE please send the details in advance and quickly so that the Pandits could be booked for you. The Last 3 days are very important for special YAGYAS 21th -23th Oct. 2023, the day of MAHAKALI, MAHALAKXMI and MAHA SARASWATTI.

For performance of Yagya we need your full name , moon sign , Nakshatra or moon star; if you do not know then send the full birth details like date, time, place of birth, country + state.

With best wishes

Jai Guru Dev,

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